Announcing the SCRAP 40 Art Show

Since 1976, SCRAP has been practicing the art of recycling and reuse by recovering materials bound for the landfill and making them available to artists, teachers, schools, and art organizations. Through its warehouse of affordable art supplies, workshops, public outreach, and teacher giveaways, SCRAP has been an integral part of the arts community for forty years. To celebrate this history, SCRAP is putting together an exhibition to highlight the art of reuse and recycling in the Bay Area.

The SCRAP 40 Art Show will be a juried exhibition, displaying original, inventive, and thought-provoking works by local artists who utilize a majority of recycled and reused materials. Aside from showcasing the esteem of creative reuse, the show will raise awareness about reuse, recycling, and SCRAP’s role as a provider for the Bay Area arts community. For more information about the 


For more information about the show and call for entry please send us a message:

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